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Juice Cleanse Instructions 

A juice cleanse can be a great way to reset and reboot (think CTRL, ALT, DLT). Each cleanse is unique and will differ in flavors, days and quantity of juices consumed. We recommend a maximum of 3 days cleanse for optimal results, but any length of cleanse more than one day is profitable to the body! 


Before receiving your juices begin to reduce sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake 2-3 days before for best results especially 24 hours before you cleanse.  


Pick a day you would like to start and begin your cleanse at the start of your day. You will consume: 

*** 5 Juices per/day. 1 Juice every 3 hours.***  


Drink half (½) your body weight in ounces of Water per day. (Example: A person weighing 180 lbs. will need to drink 90 oz. of water per day. A regular sized water bottle is about 16 oz. So one will have about 5-6 bottles of water per day.   


Water is essential during this cleanse. Juices act as a scrubber, removing toxins and waste. Water is crucial in assisting the juices flush out excess or residual waste and toxins. A lack of water can cause sickness due to toxins being stagnant in the system.  



(It is recommended to consume only water. Other liquids that are acceptable during your cleanse include broths, herbal teas (hot or cold), coconut water, mineral water, kombucha and protein/veggie/fruit shakes. ***Coffee is ok, but only black with no additives***)


You may continue to take your vitamin supplements. 


Refrain from Alcohol. Alcohol makes the body work harder to process and digest the waste. Juicing while drinking alcohol literally defeats the purpose of your cleanse. 


After The Cleanse: 

After your cleanse it is recommended to slowly reintroduce Meats and Dairy products. 


Continue your water regimen for 2-3 days to wash away any excess loosened residue in the body.

This amount of water is actually recommended in general on a daily basis by many professionals.  


Consume fruits, vegetables, 100% whole grains like brown rice, lentils and oatmeal. Seafood like salmon is okay and egg whites.  


***Contact us at for any questions or concerns. Each cleanse is unique and may require personalized advice.*** 

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