drink up we got you

What is it?

  • Three days of drinking pure juice! What is juice? (water from veggies & fruits)
  • 18 Juices/6 a day
  • One juice about every two hours after having first juice 
  • Half your weight in ounces of water a day is CRUCIAL. Juices will begin to act like “scrubbers” & remove toxins & waste, water   with help eliminate junk. If you don’t drink enough water toxins will sit in body & make you feel sick
  • Example: Weight 180 divide by 2 = 90 Ounces of water a day a regular sized water bottle is 16.9 so you would need about 5/6 of those a day

Recommendations during cleanse:

  • Green tea (hot or cold)
  • Broths (ex. vegetable, chicken broth, miso soup)
  • Kombucha (you can find @ Sprouts, Target, Whole Foods, Vons)
  • SLEEP get more sleep than usual, your body is healing & needs to rest
  • SWEAT- work out, exercise, dance, hike (sweating helps remove toxins)
  • Coffee is okay but only  BLACK no cream or sugar (better to do with out)


  • Increased energy
  • Sleep better
  • Release weight & inches (our juicers release anywhere between 2-13 pounds)
  • Gain mental clarity (more focused)
  • Shrink appetite
  • Curb sugar/carb cravings
  • Great way to begin eating clean & making healthier choices
What to do after cleanse?
  • We do not recommend meat (including eggs) or dairy the first 2-3 days (fish is okay)
  • Continue drinking half your weight in ounces of water a day
  • Small portions (your appetite has shrunk) every 2 hours or so (as if you where having a juice) you can even use a juice to substitute a meal